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Kafka said, "All knowledge, the totality of all questions and answers, is contained in the dog."
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Breeding Tips And Tricks
The Bluebonnet Norfolk Terrier Club does not recommend, guarantee, endorse, nor rate these recommendations or contributors, their kennel or their stock. The purpose of this section is to share the knowledge and experience of breeders who have vast experience in whelping and raising puppies. The tips and tricks below are intended to augment qualified veterinarian care, not as a substitute for qualified veterinarian care of the dam and puppies.
Mother's Milk Recipe: small pk. of vanilla pudding (the kind you cook) 1 cup of milk (whole milk) 3 egg yolks cook, stir often, cool and let her eat all she wants Sue O'Brian - permission granted to publish
From Robin at Moondance Norwich: After getting an ultrasound checking for pups. I get a progesterone level done. If the results come back in double numbers you should be alright. I had a singleton & I pulled a progesterone and it was 8! Very serious. For the next 30 days off and on I pulled a Progesterone, - the last 10 days I had to give two progesterone shots. I made it and the pup mades it. My Vet had suggested this and at first I thought it may be $ out the window. She has seen Norwich loose pups too many times when the progesterone falls too low. I do it every time now 1/2 way to whelp.
From Lea Little: Keep your whelping box at 90 the first week and back it down from there. Do not give formula until at least 48 hours old. What he needs now is fluids, energy and warmth. One thing I give to all my newborn puppies that is the exception is Nutri-drops. I will not have another litter without a bottle. You can order it at or many other sites- I would have it shipped overnight. I have seen Nutridrops turn a puppy around when nothing else could. Until you can get some, I would give liver juice. Boil liver in enough water to cover and strain the liquid. Give several drops of this liquid every few hours.
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