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Ch. Elve Pure Magic Contributed by Sheila Foran Picture Pedigree Interestingly ... I had a dog sired by Joan's TG (Ch. Elve Pure Magic ...his first litter, I think... who was also Jolly Rogers sire.) My Sassie was a beautiful little dog ... she never finished (although in today's world she could have ... at the hands of a pro) although she had one major under Annie Clark ... because she had a soft, wheaten coat and one ear that always wanted to fly. She had a beautiful, correct ear set, but as an old dog, both ears were straight up and she strongly resembled a Norwich.
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Short Stories About Significant Norfolk Terriers
Eng. Am. Ch. Jaeva Matti Brown By Eng. Ch. Crackshill Hardy out of Jaeva Bobby Sox Profile by Barbara Miller Picture Pedigree Matti 7/27/83—died I believe at age 13. Matti came to me from his English breeder Martin Phillips on loan for two years. English Norwich breeder and judge, the late Pauline Ford, suggested Martin send Matti to me to earn his American championship with Susie Kipp as his handler. I was a bit hesitant as Matti was black and tan factored and I prefer red Norfolk. He was a well known stud dog and big time winner in the U.K. having gone Reserve to the Terrier Group winner at Crufts. He arrived on our shores at age five in the spring of 1987. He quickly earned his championship taking his first national specialty under Ed Jenner at Montgomery that fall. Matti had many virtues one being his perfect ear placement; point of the ear to the outside corner of his eye. His muzzle was wide allowing for large teeth and good bite; unfortunately his bite began to go level as happens with a number of Norfolk as they age. Matti was low to the ground with a good turn of stifle. His topline never wavered as he went around the ring. Susie Kipp found him an easy Norfolk to show because he just wanted to please his handler. Both Matti and Crunch are behind Ch. Max-Well’s Whizard of Oz who is titled with eleven champions to her credit. As large as our country is Norfolk breeders near and far bred to him as his English reputation preceded him. He was returned to Mr. Phillips as our verbal agreement stated at just under two years in the U.S. From Marjorie Bunting: "He was only the second champion for a new kennel owned by Martin Phillips, which was founded on our (Ragus) breeding. He had all the points we wanted, plus quality, style, call it what you will, but that indefinable something that makes a good one exceptional."
Ch. King's Prevention Ahoy Picture Pedigree By Wendover Torrent out of Nanfan Corricle Profile by Anne Rogers Clark: Because I did not realize that mouths had to be checked daily during teething on Norfolks-Bridget"s mouth came in just a slighty wry on her left side This did not keep her from finishing almost without defeat--and in strict competition. She finished at the National with my friend Damara Bolte showing her as we were in South America!!! Bridget was a perfect dog---too smart--a great companion--a great brood bitch and mother and we were devestated when we lost her from complications of C-Sections. There will never be another!!!! She was great in the field-- and could point her head in the direction that the Geese were coming in--long before the Chesapeake's knew a thing!
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