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Ch. Max-Well's Cyclone Picture Pedigree By Ch. Max-Well's Weatherman out of Ch. Max-Well's My Thyme Profile by Barbara Miller Cyclone 4/26/97 Any good breeding program has a legacy, Cyclone has added to that legacy. Sired by Ch. Max-Well’s Weatherman ( Storm) out of the bitch Ch. Max-Well’s My Thyme. Thyme was sired by another outstanding Norfolk, CH. Hugo’s Prancer, leased by Miller for the purpose of including in a breeding program. Prancer’s pedigree contained Nanfan breeding which proved to be useful. Susie Kipp piloted Prancer to seven Best in Show whereby according to our agreement he was returned to his breeder in Texas and promptly sold to someone out of the country never to be heard from again. He wasn’t with Max-Well long enough to produce many offspring but as luck would have it he sired Thyme. And Thyme and Storm produced Cyclone who in turn sired twenty-five champions, if my count is correct, including his multiple Best in Show son, Ch. Max-Well’s Viper. Cyclone will be thirteen this April but still holds his head high. Like his sire he has a magnificent head piece, a slightly rounded skull with ears that fit the standard, V shaped and close to the cheek coming to the outer corner of the eye. He is an alert dog using his ears bringing them forward at the slightest sound. He follows the standard in size and shape, slightly off square and low on leg. As his sire he excels in bone and passes it to his offspring. Cyclone’s hindquarters were always his fortune in the show ring. His well turned stifles and properly placed hocks allowed for his propulsion from the rear. His elbows close to his ribs and in direct line under his withers made for a lovely front coming at you. Even at this age his pads are thick and well rounded. He was never an easy Norfolk to exhibit always wanting to race around the ring. Susie Kipp, his handler, kept him in control and in top condition. His red coat to this very day is profuse and when being shown was always in perfect condition. Cyclone is a Norfolk who showed off his type earning him two group terrier placements at Westminster. 
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Ch. Max-Well's Weatherman Picture Pedigree By Eng. Am. Ch. Nanfan Culver out of Ch. Max-Well's Whizard Of Oz Profile by Barbara Miller: Storm 12/12/92--5/28/08 His dam is the top brood bitch, in breed history, Ch. Max-Well’s Whizard of Oz and his sire another wonderful Norfolk, Ch. Nanfan Culver. Whizard of Oz (Giggles) has three multiple Best in Show dogs in her pedigree plus a slew of well known English sires and dams; the most important being Eng. Ch. Nanfan Ninety. Breeding her to Culver was a no brainer as this would bring together the Max-Well and Nanfan lines as never before. The result was Storm, a Norfolk I firmly feel epitomizes the best qualities a Norfolk could possess. In my opinion he was the essence of the breed. The repeat breeding produced Ch. Max-Well’s Walk on By (Wicket) co-owners Marjorie and Jim McTernan, winner of twenty-five Bests and always exhibited by Larry Cornelius. As a young pup I marveled at the strength of Storm’s hindquarter; he was a standout in his litter. Observing a profile of Storm one could easily see the laid back of shoulder with elbows tucked firmly beneath his withers. His excellent turn of stifle placed his hock well behind his tail set. Being low on leg and slightly off square made for a pretty picture. Storm’s head was hard to beat. Ear placement was exact with good width of a slightly rounded top skull; eyes rimmed in black almost giving the appearance of mascara; his muzzle was wedge shaped allowing for a perfect scissor bite with large teeth for a small dog. He made your heart beat a bit faster as you watched him circle the Best in Show ring with Susie Kipp as his handler. He finished his career with twenty-three Bests and numerous Specialties along with his two group terrier placements at Westminster. If the stats are correct he sired thirty-five champions two of which are Best in Show dogs, Ch. Max-Well’s Blizzard and Ch. Max-Well’s Cyclone. Storm appeared on stamps in foreign countries, in books, painted on Christmas decorations, he appeared on hand painted boxes, clothing, note cards and goodness knows what else; all without my knowledge but each time I found him reproduced somewhere I was proud. In the whelping box he produced wonderful Norfolk; one being his son, Cyclone. He was no ordinary Norfolk; he was a standout, completely his own man in a perfect red jacket.
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