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MUFF AND PUFF Picture Pedigree (Contributed by Frank Rogers) (probably written by Sylvia Warren) Muff and Puff both lived with their owner Miss Sylvia Warren in Massachusetts. Muff was an inveterate sportswoman, all game was worth chasing and catching when possible, rats and rabbits, squirrels and woodchuck, but her finest achievement was when she was 17 years old. One day she found that the old hen run was being dug up, oh! joy! the rats were being dug out. Muff was in her element, first three large rats leapt out, she quickly stunned them and then went back and finished them off, her cup was full when at the end of twenty minutes she had accounted for 18 rats. Puff was of a different caliber, she found pleasure in going in for obedience tests. One day she was enjoying herself as she knew she was being admired, so she made an extra good jump before picking up her dumbbell, but as the audience responded by giving her extra applause she paused to listen to the sweet sound. This did not please the Judge, he forbade the audience to applaud and said Puff must repeat the jumping of the obstacle and retrieve the dumbbell again. He had reckoned without Puff. She jumped her obstacle and before picking up the dumbbell looked round for the applause, which of course brought the house down, and everyone had to laugh.
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Ch. Nanfan Corricle Picture Pedigree Contributed by Frank Rogers Nanfan Corricle arrived on a snowy day from London to the Philadelphia International Airport. I was living in Chestnut Hill at the time and was friends with Constance Larrabee, so I offered to drive to the airport to pick up "Joy" because Constance was coming to stay with me for the weekend from Chestertown, MD. If you knew Constance she rarely went anywhere without her camera. I am honored to be photographed by Constance, and when this photo was taken Joy wasn't the sweetest Norfolk and Constance wasn't about to reach in and pull out this little red terror who had just traveled for many hours and was about to be handled by a complete stranger. After the snarling and growling, I took over and reached in and managed to get Joy out of the travel crate unharmed (both me and her) and as I was holding her trying to get her to relax there was Conatance pointing her camera and telling me to smile. The shot was in the rear of my house and shooting up because there was snow on the patio and I assume Constance knew what she was doing as to not include the inclement weather. Weeks later the photo was sent to me by Constance and I have cherished it for all these years. Joy was a beautiful bitch and naturally went on easily to earn her American Championship, and become the foundation bitch for the Kings Prevention Norfolk's who started Annie Clark with her "Surrey" Norfolk's and the rest is history. Frank Rogers, Penn Oak Norfolk Terriers
Tinker In 1901 Frank Jones came from Ireland as Whip to the Norwich Staghounds. Eager to breed his own small sporting red terriers, he crossed his two Glen Of Imaal Terriers "red, fiery, harsh coated Irish scrappers" and Tinker "a small red brindle, nearly black, Cairn type" Trumpington bitch, with various hunt terriers and also back to Rags. Leaving Norfolk in 1904 to work in Market Harborough in Leicestershire, he became known as Roughrider Jones. In England a roughrider is one who breaks and schools young horses, usually for foxhunting.
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