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William Jones In 1914 the first known Norwich Terrier to reach American shores was William Jones, a remarkable four-footed ambassador. "Willum", as he was known to his friends, was brought over from England by the well-known horseman Robert Strawbridge. While buying a hunter at Market Harborough, Mr. Strawbridge bought William for ten shillings and sixpence from his breeder Frank "Roughrider" Jones. Willum, a dog of exceptional character - both his sire and dam had M.F.H. certificates - was a typical example of his breeder's aims. His amiable disposition endeared him as a loyal companion; he had stamina to follow a horse and the bold instinct to go to ground for fox or badger. The Robert Strawbridges and Willum Jones went to Aiken in the winter. It was there that J. Watson Webb first saw this famous Jones Terrier and decided to cross him with some of his dogs. Mr. Webb's Shelburne terriers are well known. Gordon Massey, Henry Bixby, Harry Peters, Jr. and Mrs. A.T. McLean all played a prominent part in developing this breed before recognition. During the first World War, there being few Norwich bitches available, his wives were varied - game terriers all. Willum was crossed with Fox Terriers, Cairns and West Highland White Terriers. Many of his descendants - a few unregistered but recorded still exist - were actually hunt terriers. This harsh, red-coated dog with tail docked and ears cropped, "to save them from being torn, - not for looks," stamped his type on his American get. They were called Jones Terriers and in the USA today many still refer to the Norwich as Jones. William Jones, the dog that made American Norwich Terrier history, claimed as his English ancestors a colorful and varied group of terriers. Whether William qualifies as a Norwich or a pre-Norwich type of terrier is unknown. The first Norwich terrier registered in the U.S. was Witherslack Sport. "They were not known at that time as any special breed" --R.E. Strawbridge Eng. Ch. Nanfan Heckle Distinguishing himself not only in the show ring as the first Norfolk to achieve his title after breed separation but as a sire, Heckle was the record holding sire of 13 champions for many years ultimately producing 19 champions. It would seem that the combination of Heckle's gene pool with the bitches he was bred to was the key to his success as a stud dog. In the words of his breeder Joy Taylor, “Possibly Heckle, he was the right dog at the right time, and he had a long life both as a studdog and in the ring. He had a tremendous temperament great appeal in the early days after separation.”. Heckle was considered Joy’s favorite Norfolk. A quote from Mrs. Monkton who judged Heckle at Crufts, "Heckle is my ideal of a Norfolk Terrier. Top of the personality dogs was the little Norfolk Nanfan Heckle - a little character who enchanted everyone who saw him. This was the breed's first public appearance and I will go on record as saying that if a few hundred as good and likeable as this could be produced each year in less than ten they would have toppled even the Miniature Poodle from the top spot." Quoted from Mr. Stanley Dangerfield, the Group Judge at Crufts, "The little red dog showed his buttons off and had many supporters for an even higher placing." Marjorie Bunting of Ragus fame who bred to Heckle credited him with good head and shoulders. This Ragus/Heckle mating produced the first champion of the Ragus line, Ragus Bewitched. From Mrs. Bunting regarding Heckle, "He (Eng. Ch. Ickworth Ready) certainly had the temperament. When we researched his pedigree, we found that although he did not have Heckle behind him, he was line bred to dog Widgeon Bunny, another famous champion of his day, and the source of the qualities in Heckle we liked so much. He was Heckle's sire's dam's grandsire."
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